Next GenerationSequencing Data analysis in real life 

Title Of The event: Next Generation Sequencing Data analysis in “real life »

Date: September, 13 et 14 Th, 2022

Framework Of the event:

The “ Next GenerationSequencing Data analysis in “real life ” Workshop is part of the SEED WP4 (Building capacity in geneticdiagnosis of EE through NGS). This workshop is part of the second WP4 task: T4.2: “Training on bioinformatics”comingafter the molecularanalysisskills and after the first bioinformatic workshop «BioinformaticsNeeded For NGS Analysis » .  This workshop wasperformed as a complementary session to the plenaryconferenceorganized in January 2020 “NGS Lecture dayentitled NGS For ClinicalDiagnosis” and to the twovirtual workshop “Capacity Building in NGS gene Panel Design” organized in October 2020 and “Libraries and Sequencing” organized in August 2021 and the hybrid workshop « BioinformaticsNeeded For NGS Analysis » organized in December, 2 and 3rd, 2021. As mentioned in the SEED GA: “In the second workshop, ten participants willbetrained on understandingtheirown NGS data, findingpotentialproblems/errorstherein and finallyperformingtheir first downstreamanalysis. This practical training on own data allows participants to learn more about data-integration in conjunctionwith high throughput applications in order to meet the project goals and objectives.”.

Program of the event: The practical workshop washeld on 13 and 14 September at the CBS

Number of assistance: 

The workshop did not have a public broadcast. The selection of the participants wasbased on the fact of ensuring the consistency of the SEED training and on the opening of the institutions in Tunisia. In this respect, the same participants of the “Gene panel design” and “libraries and sequencing” workshop wereselected.The number of participants was 11.