WP5 – Knowledge Transfer, dissemination and Communication

T5.1: Website (M1 – M36)

Task leader: SU, Participants: AMU, UA

As described in WP1, the consortium will design and implement a project web site comprising as described in WP1 a protected area dedicated to the beneficiaries of SEED but the website will also comprise a public area which will allow

  •  to advertise the activities of the project worldwide,
  • (ii) to raise public awareness of the issues addressed by SEED,
  • (iii) to promote the project and enhance its image and visibility at both national and international levels. More specifically this website will provide readers with a continuous status update as to the progress of the project, recent publications, upcoming conferences, working papers and other information relevant to the consortium’s activities that can be of interest to the research community, the stakeholders and the general public (non-scientific community).

T5.2 Development and implementation of Dissemination and Communication Plan (M1-M36)

Task leader : SU, Participants : AMU, UA

This task is devoted to the development of effective dissemination and communication strategy and coordination of the dissemination activities within the project consortium partners. The aim of this task is to identify and structure the activities leading to the promotion of the project’s activities and results. The plan shall define the target groups, key messages, media channels and responsibilities. Measurable criteria of the dissemination efforts shall be selected in order to effectively evaluate each dissemination activity. Satisfaction and evaluation questionnaires after each events will be collected. The dissemination plan shall define principles to be followed by all dissemination activities in order to avoid confusion and misconceptions and to foster the quality of project communication. This task will be based on the draft dissemination and communication plan explained in section 2 in this proposal. In addition, this task shall be devoted to development of logo, promotional material, press releases, articles, leaflets, newsletters, videos, etc. The target audiences and the communication channels to reach them are detailled in section 2.2.

T5.3 :Knowledge transfer and sustanaibility (M18-M36)

Task leader : SU, Participants : AMU, UA

In this task, SEED project aims to transfer knowledge from SU to others institutions from Tunisia MENA regions. This will be done through: – active participation to national and MENA meeting. – SEED conferences – training events – Webinar, SPOC In addition, raising awareness in parents’ organisation is crucial, therefore short visit from French parent organisation to Ahmed association for children with epilepsy. In order to ensure sustainability of the SEED project, we will involve external members from MENA and European region (notably other EU-funded projectsin the field of EE), maintain the organisation of annual conference and summer school after the end of project and launch an interdisciplinary master degree in SU involving genetic and clinical experts. SU members will be enrolled in training activities promoted by the ANPR, in order to detect the possibilities of funding, at national (VRR, PAQ projects) and international level (H2020 projects). Finally, a full-time computer scientist will be recruited from the budget of SU research units and laboratories in order to continue to supply the website with the results obtained after the end of the project and to manage the database.

Description of Deliverable :

D5.1 Communication and Dissemination Plan (M3)
D5.2 Project Website and dissemination material (M6)
D5.3 Final report on dissemination and knowledge transfer generated within the project (M36)

Relevant Milestones :

MS4 Dissemination and communication material available
MS5 Organisation of a SEED conference at mid-term with stakeholders

First investigator:

Professor, Head of Child Neurology Department at Hedi Chaker University Hospital of Sfax.