WP2 – Implementation and monitoring of training program

T2.1 : Definition of the training objectives and teaching tools (M1-M3)

Task leader: UA; Participants: SU, AMU

SEED will start with a short visit of the European teams in SU in order to determine the objectives of the program (per category of trainee and futur trainers from SU). Indeed, the trainee and futur trainers are multidisciplinary including MD, scientists, technicians, nurses.
Regarding teaching tools, three levels of training will be offered according to the level necessary to be acquired by trainee: basic, intermediary and advanced notions. A common template for training will be discussed among the trainers (mainly from European teams) to ensure consistency and continuity between the different training and levels.

T2.2: Training program (M3-M30)

Task leader: SU; Participants: AMU, UA

We will use the conclusion of T2.1. As previously explained in the concept and methodology section, training program deliver both theoretical and practical courses on clinical, EEG and genetic diagnosis of EE. This task allows the preparation of specific support tools (e.g: video cases, sequencing files) to be discussed during different modules of this program.
Furthermore, transferable skills will be teached such as H2020 writing proposal, publication in high IF journals and patent. This task will also consist in the overall organization and monitoring of the training program.

T2.3: Determination and monitoring of indicators (M6-M36)

Task leader: AMU; Participants: SU, UA

  •  Indicators of training program:
    • Indicators for clinical and EEG training program: the evaluation of training program will be through the OSCE method available in the SU. Specific OSCE stations will be prepared and validated before the end of training program.
    • Indicators for genetic techniques: the evaluation will be made through practical exercise at the end of the short stay.
    • Finally, a questionnaire will be send to all the participants to perceive these trainings.
  • Indicators of the project: To evaluate the SEED project and particularly the twinning approach, such as the rate of patients with specific phenotype, and SWOT analysis and monitor them at midterm and the end of the project.

Description of Deliverable :

D 2.1 : Objectives and teaching tools of the training (M3)
D 2.2 : Report of OSCE stations for clinical and EEG evaluation (M12)
D 2.3 : Evaluation report of genetics training (M20)

Relevant Milestones :

MS1 Training objectives and teachning tools available for starting training
MS5 Organisation of a SEED conference at mid-term with stakeholders

First investigator:

She is Professor at Universiteit Antwerpen and Neurologist responsible for the adult epilepsy clinic at Universiteit Antwerpen Hospital.