WP1 – Management and coordination

All the aspects related to the project management, its procedures, beneficiaries‟ rights & duties, dissemination & IPR rules, will be agreed by the consortium before the start of the project and detailed in the SEED Consortium Agreement (CA). The management of the project will be performed by a Project Manager (PM) appointed by SU who will be assisted by a PM from AMU. AMU has indeed a significant experience in coordinating FP7 and H2020 projects and this twinned management will allow SU to be trained and advised on coordination issues and to be prepared to manage future European projects. The following tasks will be performed:

T1.1. Contractual, Financial, IPR Management of the project and contacts with EU (M1-M36)

Task leader: SU; Participants: ALL

This task encompasses a series of actions to be prepared before the start of the project and monitored during the whole project. It will involve the consortium and their administrative staff, while the EC officers in charge of SEED will be regularly informed on the progress of this task and associated to it. First and primarily to the beginning of the project, the SU’s PM assisted by AMU will prepare and circulate the SEED Consortium Agreement. This CA will detail notably the IPR rules governing the consortium. The implementation and respect of the EU Grant Agreement (EUGA) and of the CA will be monitored during the project by the PM.

Secondly, on financial aspects, the PM, according to the EUGA foreseen budget and following the CA distributing rules, will prepare, monitor and ensure that the budget allocated to each Beneficiary are transferred in due time. This breakdown, as well as the dates of the wires will be, according to the EUGA rules, reported to the EC in the Project Management Report. Thirdly, the project IPR policy will meet the article 23a (“management of Intellectual Property” ensuring respect of European IPR Code of Practice) and the article 29 of the GA.
The PM will ensure the follow-up and maintenance of the Consortium Agreement rules related to IPR, especially the ownership and access rights between partners.

T1.2. Project Reporting (M1-M36)

Task leader: SU; Participants: ALL

The SU’s PM assisted by AMU will ensure that reporting is done in accordance with the EU requirements regarding notably periodic reports, cost justification (Certificates on Financial Statements) or time sheets (as defined in the GA), and Deliverables preparation (as defined in the GA Technical Annex). Also the monitoring of the KPIs will be coordinated by the PM.

Before the start of the project, the PM, supported by AMU, will prepare a set of documents needed for the management of the whole project. These documents will be presented to the Consortium during the Kick-off meeting (e.g. report templates, time sheets, Form C, etc.) and posted on the intranet section of the project website. During the Kick-off meeting, the PM will also clearly explain the management rules of the project. During the project, with the help of the Work Package Leaders, the PM will collect and consolidate all the data needed for the Project Activity and Financial Reports as well as ensuring that each Beneficiary keeps trace of any cost justification.

T1.3. Communication within the consortium and work plan monitoring (M1-M36)

Task leader: SU; Participants: ALL

To ensure an efficient communication amongst the consortium, the PM will design a dedicated SEED interactive and secure website where the main scientific, management, financial or other any relevant documents will be posted. It will contain (i) a password-protected area, to which only members of the Consortium will have access, to exchange documents and data within the network, and (ii), a public section, where news, consortium information and deliverables will be available (see WP5). The PM will use the protected area to ease the follow-up and monitoring of project activities. A Kick-Off Meeting will be scheduled at the start of the project to define and coordinate the interactions between each beneficiary and clearly define and assign to each Beneficiary its task in the project.

Board Meetings will also be held at least twice a year to ensure good communication and collaborations among the beneficiaries, to ensure follow-up of the overall project and to determine new opportunities and/or strategies for the implementation of the project. The PM, based on the EUGA Technical Annex, will also propose a roadmap to the partners in order to ease the follow-up and monitoring of activities, to summarize the project requirements, the budget available for each partner, staff effort planned, expected deliverables, milestones…etc.

T1.4. Gender Action Plan (M1-M36)

Task leader: SU; Participants: ALL

It is important to note that 2 out of the 3 principal investigators are women in the SEED project and 4 out 5 NeuGen members involved int the SEED project are female. Nevertheless, the PM will carefully monitor issues regarding gender equality in the Consortium during the whole duration of the project. A Gender Action Plan will be set up, and progress will be reported as part of this task. The key measures of the Action plan are:

  •  To promote genuine equal access opportunities and a balanced participation between men and women in the project.
  • To organize a sensitization talk on gender equality in research during the Kick-off meeting.

All partners will be encouraged to promote equal opportunities in the implementation of the action and to ensure a balanced participation of women and men at all levels in research and innovation teams and in management structures.

T1.5 Peer-reviewed publications of the coordinating entity during the three years preceding the start date of the project (M2)

Task leader: USF; Participants: ALL

Introduce in the Continuous reporting tool on the Funding and Tenders portal before the end of month 2 of the project peer-reviewed publications(in the particular field of research) of the coordinating entity during the three years preceding the start date of the project.

T1.6 Ethics issues monitoring (M1-M36)

Task leader: AMU; Participants: ALL

This task will review ethical questions arising related to the training activities of the project, and aims at ensuring that all partners comply with principles of research ethics and responsible research and innovation, European Union regulations and national legislations. A review of current practices in research data sharing and an analysis of user needs will be conducted resulting in recommendations for best practice in responsible data sharing and re-use. As part of this subtask, the PM, will:

  •  Collect national authorisations
  • Set up the data management plan including procedures for data access
  • Identify any ethical issues that may arise during the project and propose mitigationsolutions
  • Report yearly on the ethical aspects of the project.

Description of deliverable :

D1.1 Management tools (M2)
D1.2 Data management plan (M6)
D1.3 Gender action plan (M12)
D1.4 Report of the Minutes of project meetings (M36)
D1.5 Peer-reviewed publication of the coordinating entity during the past three years

First investigator:

Professor, Head of Child Neurology Department at Hedi Chaker University Hospital of Sfax.