NGS Lecture Day

Title Of The event: NGS Lecture Day: Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) For Clinical Diagnosis

Date: January, 31th, 2020.

Framework Of the event:

WP4 of SEED (Building capacity in genetic diagnosis of EE through NGS)
T4.1: Lectures and training on high-throughput DNA sequencing
The two days lecture will be considered for molecular biologists, medical doctors, and technical assistants to acquire theoretical and practical information in the available Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) systems and those on the near horizon. Within the scope of the course, the advantages and disadvantages of current sequencing technologies and their implications on data generation will be discussed

First Investigator: AMU: Prof Laurent VILLARD, USF, UA

Program of the event: Click here

Event Location: Center Of Biotechnology Of Sfax, Sfax

Number of assistance: