Libraries and sequencing workshop


Date: FROM, AUGUST, 2 ND TO 5TH, 2021

Framework Of the event:

The “Libraries and sequencing” Workshop is part of the SEED WP4 (Building capacity in genetic diagnosis of EE through NGS).
It was performed as a complementary session to the plenary conference organized in January 2020 “NGS Lecture day entitled NGS For Clinical Diagnosis” and to the virtual workshop “Capacity Building in NGS gene Panel Design” organized in October 2020. This workshop aims at improving the theoretical skills acquired during the plenary conference and the gene panel design workshop and is part of Task 4.1 ”Lectures and training on high-throughput DNA sequencing” planned events with the following objective ; « to enrich the team of SU researchers with the fundamentals for the design of the genes panel, preparation and validation of the library ».

First Investigator: AMU: Prof Laurent VILLARD, USF, UA

The program, as well as the speakers, was proposed by the team of The UNIVERSITEIT ANTWERPEN (UA) as a SEED project partner and as part of the WP4. The oral presentations took place in English language.

Program of the event: Click here

Event Location: 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this workshop was organized by videoconference from 2 nd to 5 th August, 2021.


The workshop did not have a public broadcast. The selection of the participants was based on the fact of ensuring the consistency of the seed training and on the opening on the institutions in Tunisia. In this respect, the same participants of the “gene panel design” workshop were selected on the one hand and on the other hand some representatives of the “genome tunisia”institutions were chosen.