Medical Genetic Department

Medical Genetic Department


  • Adresse:

Medical Genetic Departement –Hedi Chaker Hospital- Sfax Tunisia

Lab Phone 0021674246946- Lab Fax 0021674461403

Director: Pr. Hassen KAMOUN

Phone 0021674106302 Mob 0021698656332


  • Mission statement:

Our department provides genetic diagnosis and genetic counselling for patients and families having genetic diseases and also participate in monitoring and multidisciplinary care for patients having genetic developmental handicap.

Genetic counseling includes perinatal pathologies, and others concerning older children oradults.

Laboratory genetic analyzes include, molecular genetics and cytogenetics and relate to the post natal and the prenatal genetic diseases and also to the somatic genetic changes.

    • Genetic consulting :

Our department receives in consultation with patients suffering from diverse genetic diseases :

  • Infertility reproductive disorders
  • Chromosome abnormalities
  • Multiple congenital anomalies/dysmorphic syndrome-intellectual disability
  • All hereditary diseases including :
  • Learning and intellectual disabilities / autism
  • Neurogenetic diseases
  • Neurosensory genetic diseases
  • Endocrine Genetic Diseases
  • Genetic kidney Diseases
  • Genetic diseases of bones and joints

    • Cytogenetic diagnosis:

We offers the possibility of diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities.

We provide conventional karyotype analysis and fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) studies for the detection and characterization of chromosome abnormalities on multiple sample types including peripheral blood, bone marrow, fibroblasts…

    • Molecular diagnosis:

We provide expertise in DNA and molecular genetic testing using a routine DNA tests for genetic disease as PCR amplification, PCR-RLFP, Sanger sequencing and real-time PCR. for both congenital genetic syndromes and inherited disorders.

  • Networking group:

Our research focuses on the analysis of the genetic mechanisms causing birth defects, infertility and reproductive and other inherited disorders as well as genetic abnormalities associated with leukemia.

The members of our team are, for the most part, researchers in the Laboratory of Human Molecular Genetics at the Faculty of Medicine of Sfax and we have close collaboration with other research teams at the University of Sfax to improve our skills and promote our expertise in the genetic diagnosis.

We work to integrate and optimize next generation sequencing in clinical diagnosis in collaboration with the team of the molecular and cellular screening process laboratory at the Sfax Biotechnology Center. We also work to enhance our expertise in the genetic diagnosis of neurogenetic diseases and mitochondrial disorders in collaboration with the team of the Laboratory of Molecular and Functional Genetics at the Faculty of Sciences of Sfax.

  • Equipment:

  • 2 Olympus AX-70 microscope
  • 2 Olympus AX-70 microscope
  • GeneXpert System - Cepheid
  • ABI Prism 3500 sequencer
  • Members:

Dr. Hassen Kamoun:

Dr. Fatma Abdelhedi:

Dr. Rim Frikha:

Dr. Ikhlas Ben Ayed:

Dr. Norhene Gharbi:

Dr. Fatma Turki:

Dr. Imen Boujelbene :