Gene Panel Design Workshop

Title Of The event: Building Capacity On NGS Gene Panel Design Workshop

Date: From 14th, to 16th, October 2020

Framework Of the event:

WP4 of SEED (Building capacity in genetic diagnosis of EE through NGS)
T4.1: Lectures and training on high-throughput DNA sequencing
Half of the short stay and workshops will be organized to enrich the team of SU researchers with the fundamentals for the design of the genes panel, preparation and validation of the library. At the end of this training, participants will be able to optimize and personalize parameters to fit the needs of the study like coverage of the target region sequencing, number of samples and quality of data output.
T4.2: Training and bioinformatics
In addition to the molecular analysis skills, knowledge of bioinformatics will be highly required for clinical interpretation of the variants. Bioinformatics skills are highly required to assess and analyze the large volumes of sequencing data that are generated bi high throughput sequencers. Therefore two workshops will be convening for junior and senior research staff. Bioinformatics training on NGS data will be considered to build a strong background in current tools focusing on genome analysis and diagnostics. The first organized Workshop in SU will be adapted to the needs of beginners in the field of NGS bioinformatics and to allow scientists with no or little background in computer science to get a first hands on experience in this new research topic.

First Investigator: AMU: Prof Laurent VILLARD, USF, UA

Program of the event: Click here

Event Location: Videoconference: Google Meet


Mot d’ouverture du workshop Capacity Building On NGS Gene Panel Design le 14/10/2020

Capacity Building On NGS Gene Panel Design Workshop : 14-16 October 2020