Child Neurology Department

Child Neurology Department

Pediatric and Adolescent Neurology is a discipline dedicated to the management of normal and pathological neurological evelopment from the neonatal period up to the age of 18 years. This care encompasses prevention, diagnosis, treatment, education and research activities on diseases / disorders as well as the prevention and the management of the impairments and disabilities.

Fondation of the department

The department of child neurology was created in April 2008 with an extension of the capacity in 2015 for 15 inpatients with the organization into 4 units: inpatient, outpatient, neurological exploration unit (EEG, EMG, EEG Holter) and multidisciplinary unit of rehabilitation. The activity is organized on medical, university and research activities.


Different equipments are available in child neurology department for different activities

Equipement Date of acquisition
Vdeo EEG and EMG 2011
Vdeo EEG and EMG 2013
Equipement for Rehabilitation unit 2011
Centrifuge 2013
Freezer -80° 2017
Freezer -20°
EEG Holter 2018


Daly Activity organization

The activity is organized around 3 axes:

  • Medical activity: hospitalization, outpatient
  • Research activity:multidisciplinary staff discussions (weekly, Monthly) with the genetic department, neurophysiology department, child psychiatry and biochemistry (metabolic) departments of the two Sfax University Hospital.
  • University activity:
    • Training of residents, students in medicine
    • Training of trainees in occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychology, nursing
    • Presentations for residents on the main axes and pathologies of the field of pediatric neurology

Academic Formation on epileptology

Training on epileptology is one of the main areas and axis of the activity of the child neurology department. This is addition to the university training on epileptology offered by the professional master’s degree in epileptology at the Faculty of Medicine of Sfax coordinated by Pr Chahnez Triki.

A mensional neurophysiology staff has been organized since 2014 in collaboration with the neurophysiology department. During the staff, the discussion of clinical cases with no resolving diagnostic but also didactic cases are discussed. Also, theoretical presentations (clinical and neurophysiological aspect) are discussed.

Practical training on epileptology and pediatric EEG is provided for residents in neurology, neurophysiology, child psychiatry during their training in the department. Also, the department receives doctors in training for 1 month to 6 months periods from different countries (Algeria, Libya).

Activity Review on epileptology

We receive patients from different regions of Tunisia (north, center and south) and neighboring countries (Libya and Algeria).

Consultations are provided by seniors in pediatric neurology. More than 2000 patients with epilepsy have been followed in pediatric neurology since 2008 (12% of the department’s daly activity).

Indeed, the department has included a neurological exploration unit since its creation, consisting of an EEGvideo (more than 1000 recording/year), an EMG-EP and recently a Holter EEG since 2019.

The unit operates 6/7 days by one technician since 2009 to 2018 and actually by 2 trained technicians and a senior doctor with a resident in training for the interpretation of the EEG recording. Also, the unit is managed by a coordinating doctor.

Clinical cases discussions are organized with the neurophysiology departement in Sfax hosptal as well as training seminars and clinical cases discussions with the epileptology teams in Rennes and Paris (France).