Practical seminar and closing ceremony

Title Of The event: Clinical Seminar & Graduation Ceremony Severe early onset epilepsies /Developmental and Epileptic Encephalopathies

Date: FROM 18th TO 20th MAY, 2022

Framework Of the event:

The “ Clinical Seminar & Graduation Ceremony ” is part of the SEED WP3 (Building capacity in electro-clinical diagnosis of EE). This workpackage aims at training trainers in clinical and electrical diagnosis of Epileptic Encephalopathies. In order to validate their training, the SEED learners had a theoretical evaluation in December 2020, an evaluation by ECOS stations by theme in March 2022 with a learning session of clinical reasoning (ARC) in April 2022 coordinated by SEED members of the University of Sfax.
The objective of this practical seminar has already been fixed:” At the end of this practical seminar, SEED learners will be graduated as “Trainer in the diagnosis of epileptic encephalopathy” and the recommandations of EE patients will be implemented in the child neurology department of the Hedi Chaker university Hospital of Sfax.

First Investigator: 

The program as well as the speakers were proposed by the team of Sfax university The Aix Marseille University of France (AMU) as SEED Partner. The conferences program was in french language.

Program of the event: Click here

Event Location: 

  1. During Wednesday, May 18, 2022, held at the Faculty of Medicine of Sfax, it was the subject to discuss the recommendations and clinical case of EE patients of SEED to the members of the consortium of sfax university.
  2. During Friday, May 20, 2022 at Hotel Palais Royale in Sfax, it was subject of discussion the recommendations of EE patients developed by the 4 groups of trainers and ESR of the project. This discussion was followed by the delivery of certificates to the trainers of SEED (Trainers in the diagnosis of epileptic encephalopathies).

Number of assistance: 

The workshop did not have a public broadcast. The participants were already fixed from the beginning by the members of sfax university

  1. For both days Wednesday and Thursday, May, 18 and 19, 2022 ; the participants were : SEED trainers, SEED ESR, SEED consortium members and the europeans experts.
  2. Friday, May, 20, 2022 : For the graduation ceremony, the SEED members were invited the representatives of the Sfax University, representatives of the ministry of higher education and scientific research, representatives of the ministry of health, the UGPO, the coordinators of the two twinning projects of the Sfax University (Micafrica and Sfax Forward), the president of Ahmed association.