First international conference

Title Of The event: First International Conference

Date: September, 24 and 25, 2022

Framework Of the event:

The “ First International Conference » is part of the SEED WP5 (Knowledge Transfer, Dissemination and Communication). This conference is part of the third WP5 task: T5.3 :Knowledge transfer and sustanaibility. In this task, SEED project aims to transfer knowledge from SU to others institutions from Tunisia MENA regions. 
This Conference was performed as a complementary session to the two SEED Summer School organized in summer 2022 (July and September, 2022).

First Investigator: 

The program, as well as the speakers, was proposed by the team of Sfax University (USF).

Program of the event: Click here

The program as well as the choice of speakers was set up following email exchanges between the Sfax team and Prof Sarah Weckhuysen  and was then validated by the Aix Marseille team.. The oral presentations took place in english language.

Event Location:

This first international conference was organized on September, 24 and 25, 2022 in the Laico Hotel Tunis.

Number of assistance: 

SEED SU PM has sent a conference application form to participants of the two SEED Summer Schools (July and September 2022).
70 participants responded to the forms. Based on the list on the form and the invitations, the final list of participants for the first SEED conference is as follows

  • Team of Tunis: Three teams have been solicited: The team of Charles Nicolle Hospital, the team of Mongi-Slim Hospital of La Marsa and the Team of the Pasteur Institute of Tunis (Laboratory of Biomedical Genomics and Oncogenetics).
  • Team of Sousse: Cytogenetics and Reproductive Biology Department at the Farhat Hached University Hospital in Sousse.
  • Team of Gabes: Neurology Department at the Mohamed Ben Sassi University Hospital in Gabes.
  • Team of Monastir: Neurology Department at the Fattouma-Bourguiba University Hospital of Monastir.
  • Team of Mahdia: Neurology Department at the Tahar Sfar University Hospital in Mahdia.
  • Team of Sfax: Pediatric neurology department at the CHU Hédi Chaker of Sfax, Medical genetics department at the CHU Hédi Chaker of Sfax, Laboratory of molecular and cellular screening processes LPCMC, Laboratory of medical and functional genetics LGMF, post docs from the Micafrica twinning, two trainers from the SEED project.